The Internet

The beginning of the Internet

The Internet was the brainchild of the US Government, which began its existence in the 1960s to fulfill a need for interconnection of regional academic and military networks. Several types of networks served as the body of the net in the beginning and it wasn’t until the 1990s that it became close to what we know it as today. While the Internet saw good growth from the mid-1990s to the end of the 1990s, it wasn’t until the two decades that followed that it grew over 100 times and became a part of everyday life for so many of you. Today it would be far easier to rattle off the things we don’t use the Internet for than to attempt a listing of all the things we do use it for in 2017. Not only do we use it during much of our days, we can use it on any number of devices both large and small. You really can do most anything online from the comfort of your home without having to get out of bed in the morning. Let’s take a deeper dive into search engine optimization (SEO). Internet Marketing Team offers SEO tactics development and brand promotion.


Online Business

Some of you may not know a world of no Internet. And some of you may still be struggling with how it works and how it can be helpful to you. It’s hard to believe that programs first began working on SEOs in the mid-1990s. For anyone old enough, remember the Dewey Decimal System(DDS) that helped locate books in a card catalog and then on a library shelf? Well, SEO is a little bit like that, it doesn’t use the old DDS, but it does help us find exactly what we’re looking for and tells us exactly where it is located.

In layman’s terms, it is how visible a website is when you use any of the numerous search engines. You basically want your website to appear on the first page of any search and by doing so, you increase your chances of having your site seen by more people. When you think about marketing your site on the Internet, it’s helpful for you to know how search engines work. Many factors come into play: what the search is for, the words used to search (known as keywords), and which engines are being used. It sounds easy enough, an army of little ants dash off into cyberspace to look for what you want, they build an index and present it to you in a very logical and simple format. Who knew those pesky, picnic poppers were so smart? An SEO company in Cape Coral Florida can help your online business rank on


A Jeopardy player’s dream, SEO is an answering machine. Through the magic of programming, you ask a question and it returns the most relevant and popular answers for you in seconds. Going back to our DDS library comparison, all that searching through books, encyclopedias, newspapers and magazines is now done for us as the user of the search engine. You, as the user, are also the primary customer and presenting you with the information you have requested is the number one priority.

Searching is a popular way to spend time and the industry set the average growth in the search field at about 20 percent per year. Imagine you are an online business owner and you’ve built a website to sell your product(s), if no one comes to visit the site, you won’t sell a thing. Using SEO to drive traffic to your site is one marketing solution for you as the business owner. Therefore, we mentioned earlier that being on page one of the search results is critical, it means you get the first shot at a sale, before other providers selling the same product, but appearing on page two of the search request. That seller may be seen, but only if the user skips past the page one results and let’s face facts, most of us want what we want immediately, not in two pages.