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Computer Program Means Freedom for Illiterate Individuals

With more and more information now available only online, the digital divide is widening for individuals with low literacy skills. Browsealoud provides an innovative solution. For more information, read:

Soaring Eagle Offers Individualized Training via E-mail

Soaring Eagle Communications has developed affordable individualized accessibility training. Students can move at their own pace, and will get attentive service via email. More on training

New Trade Journal for Programmers, Developers and Accessibility Champions

Accessible Content is devoted entirely to accessibility issues. This trade magazine delivers how-to articles, skill building exercises, product profiles and accessibility community news to the professionals who create and maintain accessible content. Subscribe now!

What is Web Accessibility?:
Making a Nebulous Concept More Concrete

by Glenda Watson Hyatt

A few weeks ago, my aunt and uncle were over for pizza, and my uncle mentioned his church now has a website. I jokingly asked, "Is it accessible?" He responded emphatically, "Of course it is! It is online!"

Unfortunately, no, it is not quite that simple. Having a website online does not necessarily mean it is accessible to everyone. Individuals' capabilities, disabilities, and the computer system being used can affect how well individuals can use the Internet. For some, surfing the Internet is not as simple as ""point and click".

Why surfing is not simply "point and click" for some...

Web Accessibility = Corporate Social Responsibility

by Glenda Watson Hyatt

Corporate (or community) social responsibility (CSR), also known as corporate citizenship, is conducting an organization in such a way that treats internal and external stakeholders ethically, increases human development, and positively impacts society and the environment. Web accessibility is an integral part of CSR in demonstrating an organization's commitment to providing equal opportunities. An inaccessible website can undermine an organization's other CSR efforts.

How an acessible site can enhance CSR initiatives...

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